Tuesday, August 31, 2010


  Hello, again. Today we have some changes with the storms.
   Tropical Storm Danielle is moving east at 14 knots(16 mph) with winds near the center at 40 mph. The sad thing is that after this post Danielle will probably out of our reach, because the last advisory for Danielle was given today. Its path is going north-northeast until mid-day Tuesday and then will start to move north-northeast.
   Tropical Storm Fiona is moving west-northwest at 21 knots or 24 mph and is located 15 longitude and 54 latitude and will not do much harm to land right now.
    Hurricane Earl is moving west-northwest at 11 knots or 13 mph. It has winds near the center of 135( catagory 4). If it stays on the projected path it will start moving northwest today and north-northwest by sometime tomorrow. This is the only one that poses as a threat to any land really right now. If it makes landfall at all though it will come in Canada(only if it stays on its projected path).
       All of these cities are in Louisiana
Baker forecast-
                             It may rain today. We have a 44% chance of rain with a high of 88 degrees and a low of  72 degrees.
Lafayette forecast- Rain is not likely but there is a 30% chance of it. The high today is 89 degrees and the low is 73 degrees.
Crowley forcast 
                          High of 91 degrees and a low of 72 degrees with a 30% chance of rain.

  Have a great day. Goodbye.

Monday, August 30, 2010


     HELLO, people of the world, I am the walking newspaper. Here on this page, everyday, you will be able to veiw the weather, the Bell Schedule for BCS, and many other things. If you post a question as a comment before three o'clock, I'll do my best to try and answer them by six o'clock in the afternoon.

                                               Tonight in Baker:                                                                                      The low is 74 degrees and we have a 40% chance of rain.
  Tropical Storm Danielle is not going to be much of a threat to any land at this point, as it moves east-northeast at13 knots(15 mph) with winds near the center at 70 mph. In the afternoon tomorrow Danielle is predicted to change its direction abrubtly and head northward. It is suspected to die off later during the afternoon on Thursday.
   Hurricane Earl is expected to become catagory 5 storm later tonight or early tommorow morning. Right now it is moving at about 13 knots(15 mph) and winds near the center at 135 mph. That's a catagory 4. To keep up with this storm keep coming back to this blog.
   Tropical storm Fiona just formed today. It was never a Tropical Depression but went straight to the second step. It has winds at 40 mph near the center, and is moving at 24 mph. Keep up with this and all the other storms with this blog.
   Hope to see you again, But until then Goodbye.