Wednesday, September 1, 2010


    Hello again, people of wherever you can get internet and look at this post.
       Today we have some major changes in the storms.
       Hurricane Earl is moving northwest at 15 knots or 17 mph. Earl has winds near the center of about 135 mph. That means it is still a catagory 4. It now looks like it will skim the east coast around North Carolina. There has been a hurricane warning issued for the coast of North Carolina. It will at least be a catagory 3, if not greater when it gets to N.C. It will at leastmake waves along the east coast and bring heavy rain and very strong winds over portions of the east coast.
       Tropical Storm Fiona is moving northwest at 17 knots or 20 mph. It has winds near the center at about 50 knots or 60 mph. It is not expected to make any landfall "RIGHT NOW", but keep an eye out for it.
       For those of you who haven't heard There is a new Tropical Storm. Gaston  moving west at 13 knots or 15 mph. Winds near the center of 40 mph. It is moving west right now, but by the looks of the projected path it looks like it "MAY" be heading for the Gulf of Mexico.
Tropical Storm Gaston
Here you can have a look of what its projected path looks like. Comment and tell me what  you think about this storm. Will it go into the Gulf, or will it take the path that the previous ones have taken.                    

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