Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where Are All of the Hurricanes This Year?

    Where are all of the hurricanes this year? Well, that question is a good one. All of the recent storms have went out into the Atlantic Ocean and stayed out there.
    Right now there is not much going on in the tropics. There is one Hurricane, Igor, which is moving west at about 15 miles per hour or 17 knots. The winds near the center are about 75 mph. They only need to be 74 mph to be called a hurricane. It looks like it will head out into the Atlantic. Right now it is too hard to tell if it will hit the east coast or just go off into the atlantic like Fiona did (Fiona is a storm that went out into the atlantic with no land fall).
     Now there are actually three more disturbances in the atlantic. One right off the coast of Africa has a ninety percent chance of turning into a tropical cyclone in 48 hours while it moves west. Another is off the coast of South America and is also moving west and has a 60% chance of turning into a tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours. The last is out in the center of the Atlantic ocean and only has a 10 % chance of Becoming a tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours while it drifts northeast. That's is about it for the tropics tonight.
     Now on to the local weather:                                                                                                City              Current Temp.   Pricip. tonite     tom.       High tom.       Low tom.
Baker           81 degrees         30%                40%      94 degrees       70 degrees
Alexandria    84 degrees         40%                30%      95 degrees       68 degrees Lafayette      82degrees          20%                40%      92 degrees       74 degrees
Crowley        82 degrees        20%                40%      93 drgrees       71 degrees
Shreveport      84 degrees      30%                20%      94 degrees        66 degrees
Natchitoches   80 degrees      30%                30%      94 degrees        65 degrees
        Have a great night/morning. Depending on when you read it. Have a good Day/Night.

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